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Spitting Fire

Comedy Drama

A hip hop fairy tale about the profound effect rap music and a dedicated poetry teacher has on a student with a severe stutter.

The Company She Keeps

Dark Comedy | Drama

A documentary filmmaker probes the murder of a beloved student,  his drug dealing friends and the relentless high school guidance counselor behind it all.

The Way You Are

Romantic Comedy

Dating is stupid! Two people with a 30-day deadline to find true love, hilariously abuse an old school dating service.

Supernatural Thriller

An isolated haunted house punishes and unleashes hell, when a greedy new owner transforms it into a stylish

bed n’ breakfast inn.

How to Date a Celebrity

Romantic Comedy

An out of work actor hires an adorable studio security guard to play the role of his new girlfriend, so he can improve his public image.

War Drama

Two young & inexperienced nurses are struggling to make a difference in their own private hell...surrounded by the Vietnam War.


Psychological Thriller

With terrifying twists & brutal consequences, a Detective finds himself investigating a series of brutal murders that mimics the script he wrote.

Hansel & Gretel - 25 Years Later
Fairy Tale | Comedy | Thriller

Your parents were wrong; Aliens & Monsters do exists. The Boogey Man is alive & well and living under your bed. And Witches do rise from their graves.

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