The Way You Are

Romantic Comedy

Dating is stupid! Two people with a 30-day deadline to find true love, hilariously abuse a new dating app.

How to Date a Celebrity

Romantic Comedy

A dysfunctional actor hires an adorable studio security guard to be his new girlfriend, so he can improve his public image.

War Drama

Two young & inexperienced nurses are struggling to make a difference in their own private hell...surrounded by the Vietnam War.

The Company She Keeps

Dark Comedy | Drama

A documentary filmmaker probes the murder of a beloved student,  his drug dealing friends and the relentless high school guidance counselor behind it all.

Captain Grey's Inn

Supernatural Thriller

Terror is open for business, as four friends transform a popular haunted house into a stylish Bed n' Breakfast.


Psychological Thriller


With terrifying twists & brutal consequences, a Detective finds himself investigating a series of brutal murders that mimics the script he wrote.

Hansel & Gretel - 25 Years Later
Fairy Tale | Comedy | Thriller

Your parents were wrong; Aliens & Monsters do exists. The Boogey Man is alive & well and living under your bed. And Witches do rise from their graves.

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