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Scene From The Way You Are  | Feature Script | Rom Com

Dating is stupid! It’s also funny and scary with an ounce of insanity. Tony and Roxanne—two strangers staring down the barrel of a 30-day deadline to find true love, rethink technology to try a premium online dating service. But, after a nutty chain of events that seems determine to bring them together, Tony and Roxanne make a captivating connection…but time has run out.

Doritos Commercial 
"The PhotoShoot"

The Girl Friend Project-PSA (2012)

Doritos Commercial |

"My Doritos" (2010)

"The Bystanders" 

TV Pilot Promo (2013)

Small towns have the best scandals;  The Bystanders is a host to an assortment of quirky residents, where everyone is a part of the Witness Protection Program-and they don’t know it!

Unwritten Rules | Web Series
"Let's Dance"  eps. 6


Racey shows up to a co-workers pool party on CP time/fashionably late and is stunned by the attitude & negative vibe she receives.

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