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Welcome Back, Carter | Dramedy

Gabe Carter is an Iraq War veteran and a history teacher on the road to healing his PTSD, when a grisly moment spins his life back to the upscale/private high school of his youth to teach a new group of spoiled and privileged students.

The Faculty | Syfy Comedy

Casually cruel and inappropriate aliens return to Waverly Hills to track down the leader that betrayed them, pick a fight, infiltrate some teenage bodies and raise a little hell.

Paradise | Comedy Drama

An awkward family drama about a posh drug and alcohol rehab facility in Malibu, Ca; the oddly charming patients and the dysfunctional family that is struggling to hold it and themselves together.

The Specialists | Action Drama

They put their lives on the line, so you won't have to. The elite and cocky team known as the Threat Management and Protection Unit specialize in the crazy, the dark and disturbing.

Mystic Valley | Supernatural Mystery

Mystic Valley is a small town that is charming, inescapable and a bit haunted. The locals are launched into an unwanted spotlight when a wealthy family is murdered and an shady new stranger checks in.

High School High | Animated Comedy

Set in the 1980's - besties Alex and Sammie have less than a 10% chance of becoming cool. But nothing will stand in the way of these wanna-be's trying to get their hands on celebrity high school status.

A clueless Influencer is forced to hide out in a small town where the quirky residents don't realize they are all a part of the witness protection program.

The Bystanders | Mystery Comedy/Thriller
Elizabeth City | Comedy, Drama

Smart, sexy and cynical with drama, Elizabeth City features the successes, the failures, laughter and the tears of seven people, who love, support, manipulate, argue and betray as only the closest friends can.

WTF!? | Comedy 

Hank Perry is a lovable misfit who becomes mentally unhinged  when he returns from a two year stay Europe to live with his self-absorbed, inconsiderate and irresponsible family.

WatchDog | Comedy Drama

No Super Powers; No Mysterious Corporations; Just a functioning alcoholic, part time pill popper and full time dad and investigative reporter always on the hunt for the next story.

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