The Specialist | Action Drama

An elite and cocky team that faces an eruption of violence on the daily as they operate the Threat Management and Protection Unit. It’s a ruthless job for the unconventional crew as they struggle to navigate a balance between life and the investigations of personal threats, mitigation cases, grizzly background checks and the sinister cruelty of stalkers.

High School High | Animated Comedy

Ohmigod! A wickedly cool series that features tater-tots and homegirls, geeks, nerds, visitors from planet of the sluts, bitchin virgins, wanna-be’s and spin offs of wanna-be’s in the most triumphant battle to get their hands on celebrity high school status.

Paradise | Comedy Drama

A high-stakes family drama about the gutsy and unflinching business of rehab in Malibu, Ca. As anger and pain collide, it is a brutal mind trip into the lives of its oddly charming patients and the broken family that is deeply committed to hold it and themselves together.

Mystic Valley | Supernatural Mystery

As it tips the scales of dementedly good fun with ruthless surprises, strange things are brewing in this rural town. Not only is Mystic Valley haunted, the dysfunctional residents are launched into an unwanted spotlight with a missing winning mega-millions lottery ticket, a murdered family and a new stranger in town.

The Bystanders | Comedy Drama

Small towns have the best scandals; but Mendocino is not just another town, it’s a dark path-a cryptic backdrop to where life is simple, menacing and completely unreal. With scary bombshells and hilarious consequences, The Bystanders is a host to an assortment of quirky residents, where everyone is a part of the Witness Protection Program-and they just don’t know it!

Elizabeth City | Comedy Drama

Elizabeth City State University is a historically black college located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Smart, sexy and cynical with drama, Elizabeth City features the succuesses, the failures, laughter and the tears of seven people, who love, support, manipulate, argue and betray as only the closest friends can.

WTF!? | Comedy 

Obnoxious with a flood of mischief, a severely normal guy, struggles to survive the days with his soul sucking, socially impaired family. Hank Perry’s insanity reaches a disturbing level when he returns home to find his parents are divorced; his mom and frat brother are a raunchy couple, his fiancé packed on 300lbs and his older sister, after several surgeries is now his brother, Troy.

WatchDog | Comedy Drama

No Super Powers; No Mysterious Corporations; Just a conflicted man shamelessly
promoting his TV show. WatchDog is a razor-sharp slice of a series, about the chaotic life of Jaime Sparks-a functioning alcoholic, part time pill popper and fulltime investigative reporter. If Jaime Sparks doesn’t break the news, he will certainly try to fix it.

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