Writer | Director:  Angie Comer

TRT: 16:31

Genre:  Drama

What do you do when the world you know suddenly shifts underneath you? Tense and unsettling, two profoundly different women forge a deep connection one morning, over whiskey, their mutual rapist and the power of choice. 

the R word (2019)
The R Word-2.jpg
Captive Poster 3x5.jpg
#Captive (2018)

Writer | Director:  Angie Comer

TRT:  15:32

Genre:  Comedy | Thriller

Full of madcap twists and unexpected swerves, a neurotic, pill popping guy with an intense fear of the outside, suddenly finds himself the target of a malicious home invader.

penis envy poster.jpg

Writer | Director:  Angie Comer

TRT:  8:32

Genre:  LGBTQ Comedy

Is using a vibrator really cheated on your lover? An argument spirals out of control in the middle of a gym class as two women breech good relationship behavior and debate the guidelines of using a sex toy named Kimmie.

Penis Envy (2019)

Writer | Director:  Angie Comer

TRT:  14:09

Genre:  Teen Comedy

A John Hughes-esc comical story of doubt and anxiety; Katie becomes convinced that she is the last virgin in her entire high school. Terrified of being socially crushed and outted, Katie has until 5th period English to either give in to pressure or brace herself for a sudden-death face off against her virginity.

Career Virgin (2010)
Career Virgin FINAL Poster2.jpg
Confessions of a Reluctant Bra Buyer.jpg

Writer | Director:  Angie Comer

TRT:  10:53

Genre:  Teen Comedy

13-Year old Rose is charming, unpredictable and loves to over-share. Trying to navigate school, friends and her poorly developed body, her mother reinforces Rose's need for a training bra and institutes an unreasonable deadline for Rose to buy her first "Trainer."

Confessions of a Reluctant Bra Buyer (2007)